Certain foods can stain the enamel on your teeth, which is the outermost layer. Cleaning and whitening remedies can usually be used to treat this type of discoloration. However, teeth can appear yellow if the hard enamel has eroded, exposing the dentin beneath. Dentin is a bony tissue that lies beneath the enamel and is naturally yellow. 

Causes for yellow stains of teeth –

  • Tea, coffee, wine, and cola are all beverages that can be consumed frequently
  • Tobacco chewing and cigarette smoking
  • Fluoride intake is high during childhood.
  • Accidental or trauma-induced damage to developing permanent teeth
  • Teeth staining can also be caused by aging, as the enamel thins with age, exposing the dentin beneath. Dentin can stain your teeth as you get older because it comes into contact with certain foods and beverages.

How does the teeth whitening process begin?

Our dentist will take a photograph of your teeth to track the treatment’s progress. This is also used to examine your teeth and determine the presence of stains. After inspecting the tooth, the dentist will begin by cleaning it. He will remove the film that has formed on your enamel due to the foods you eat or other substances. After that, the whitening process begins.

The teeth whitening singapore dentist will first cover the gums before applying the whitening agent to the teeth. Some whitening agents require the use of laser lights, and if your teeth are severely stained, your dentist will advise you to continue the procedure at home.

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